My returning flights have been changed! Charlotte, the woman who was supposed to come live and work with Kesara beginning in August, has been delayed and cannot come until Aug 31st. There is currently no team here in Sisophon, and OMF does not prefer Kesara to be here all by herself, as she is a single woman. So if I go, she will go to Phnom Penh (or on vacation) until Charlotte can come. If I stay, Kesara will continue on with her ministry here. Both Kesara and I cannot help but think this is God’s perfect timing. God has given me great joy to serve Him here. He has opened up many, many doors for ministry, for building relationships, and for opportunities to love, serve, and proclaim the Good News. The idea of me being able to continue on with what God has provided seems like too favorable an opportunity to pass up. As I have sought Him in prayer regarding His will, He has been faithful to confirm to me the decision to remain here multiple times. Therefore, in response to Him, I will continue on here in Cambodia for an additional three weeks! Oooh, God is good. There is a purpose for Him wanting to keep me here. Only time will tell… So I will be flying back your way on August 31st!