As Kesara, Oykhan, and I were waiting for the motos to pick us up from the village and take us back to Sisophon, I decided to follow the laughter that tickled my ears. Soon I saw parked bikes with clothes hanging off the handlebars. . . I was finally led to a small bridge with a large pond with many little brown bodies flailing about. I counted 6 small boys climbing a tall tree, each at differing levels, excitingly awaiting his turn to jump at the tree’s highest point into the muddy water waiting below. The boys jumped in the water, waded out, and did it all over again, and again—the fun never seeming to grow old. The scene brought a big smile to my face. I was thiiiiiiis close from jumping off the bridge after another little boy, to join them in the simple joy of splashing in dirty water.village (tree)