Khmi study group

Ming [Aunt] Mun and I are illiterate in the Khmi language. . . but not for long! Kesara has graciously offered to teach both Ming Mun and I how to read and write Khmi, which has proven to be a great relationship builder! Ming Mun is 59 years old and quite full of life. We always seem to find a bit of fun while studying Khmi at her place. We both have the same workbooks [used in the schools here for first graders]. As Kesara teaches, we’re working through the books together. Ming Mun is getting along very well with the language (much better than myself).

She and her daughter, Sukha (age 19), have been our sisters in Christ for about six months now. Kesara and I visit Ming Mun a couple times a week, teaching her fundamental truths from the Bible and having our language study session. Please pray for an ever-increasing hunger and thirst for God’s Word; for wisdom and courage to apply what is learned; and that Ming Mun would gain a deeper understanding and love for the Lord through our study together. I’m also praying for an opportunity to study the Bible together with Sukha once she finishes school at the end of June.

Ming Mun’s husband was once a believer as well but, due to circumstances, he has choosen not to believe anymore. This has proven to be a great burden to Ming Mun and has caused her much pain. Please pray that he would repent and return to the Lord, and be a godly spiritual leader for his family.

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